Press Statement, Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State
Fifth Anniversary of Robert Levinson’s Disappearance

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 6, 2012

This Friday marks the five-year anniversary of the disappearance of U.S. citizen Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent who disappeared during a business trip to Kish Island, Iran in 2007. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to locating Mr. Levinson and bringing him home safely. This remains a priority for the United States, and we welcome the assistance of our international partners in this investigation. We also call on the Government of Iran to uphold its promise of assistance and help safely return Mr. Levinson to the United States.

Over the past year, we have had reason to believe that he is being held in southwest Asia, so the FBI is launching a public information campaign in that region and announcing a $1 million reward for information on Mr. Levinson’s whereabouts that could lead to his safe return. Anyone who may have information about this case should contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The U.S. Government is committed to Mr. Levinson’s safe return and we will continue to use all available resources until he is home and reunited with his family.

Statement from Christine Levinson

Tomorrow, March 9th, marks four years since my dear husband, Bob Levinson, went missing.

We are encouraged at news that he is alive.

Our family is eagerly waiting for the day we will be reunited.

Since Bob’s disappearance we have an addition to our large and growing family, baby Grace, Bob’s second grandchild.

Also, our daughter Sarah was married in September 2010.

Bob’s absence weighs on us every day and is magnified during these once-in-a-lifetime family moments.

Our family asks for your continued prayers and support. They mean more to us than words can say.

If you have information please contact us at

Following is a Statement from Christine Levinson

It has been almost four years since I have seen my beloved husband Robert Levinson.

Our family is tremendously encouraged by the news Bob is alive but remains concerned for his safety and well being.

Bob suffers with diabetes requiring regular medication.

Our seven children, our two grandchildren, and I await the day we will be reunited.

We ask for your continued prayers and support.

If you have information, we can be contacted at

Help Bob Levinson Reward Fund

To anyone who may have information concerning the whereabouts or the condition of my husband: My family, friends, and I are trying to pool together our funds and establish a reward for any information that leads to the safe return of Bob Levinson to his family.

Words cannot express the depth of our despair as we have struggled to endure these past 15 months without the cornerstone of our family, our husband/dad/grandpa and friend.

As we continue our efforts to locate Bob, we would like to invite everyone concerned about the safe and healthy return of an innocent man, who has been so unjustly taken from his family and friends, to donate to the reward fund.

It is our hope that offering a reward may encourage someone who feels no allegiance to us or to Bob to assist us.

If you are interested in contributing to the Help Bob Levinson Reward Fund, please contact us at [email protected] or you can send your donations to the following address:

Help Bob Levinson Reward Fund
1440 Coral Ridge Drive #348
Coral Springs, Florida 33071

Checks can be made payable to The Help Bob Levinson Reward Fund.

Thank you,

Christine Levinson and the Levinson Family

Thank you from the Levinson Family

The Levinson Family would like to thank our family and friends for attending the Help Bob Levinson Rally of Hope on Sunday, March 9, 2008. We were deeply moved by your support and words of encouragement.

We are truly hopeful that our husband and father, Bob Levinson, will be home with us again soon.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Christine Levinson and the Levinson Family

Update from the Levinson Family

Update from the Levinson Family, Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christine Levinson, wife of Robert Levinson, Daniel Levinson, the family’s eldest son, and Christine’s sister are traveling to Tehran, Iran, with their arrival expected this evening. We truly appreciate the continued support for our family as we pray for a Christmas miracle.

Update From the Levinson Family

As you know, our husband and father, Robert (Bob) Levinson, disappeared on March 8, 2007 on Kish Island, Iran. It has now been over seven months since we have had any contact with him. We have no more information about where and how he is since March 9th. The nightmare is continuing for our family and everyone who loves Bob.

We are still looking for help and would welcome any information or suggestions. We will do anything necessary to bring Bob home. Below is a summary of what we know as of now:

  • Bob Levinson left Dubai, United Arab Emirates at 10:45 am, Thursday, March 8, 2007, on Kish Air Flight Y97141. He was confirmed on the flight manifest. He checked into the Hotel Maryam on Kish Island that same day.
  • Bob met with Dawud Salahuddin while on Kish. Mr. Salahuddin has told us that they met to talk about cigarette smuggling, a matter Bob was pursuing on behalf of a private client. Mr. Salahuddin also has said to us and others, including members of the press, that while they were at the hotel he was picked up by local authorities who wished to check his papers. According to Mr. Salahuddin, when he returned to the Hotel Maryam hours later, Bob was gone.
  • On September 5th, Iranian officials advised members of the Swiss government making inquiries on our behalf that Bob was last seen leaving the Hotel Maryam in a taxi on March 9th, but they could not say where he was headed.
  • There is no evidence that Bob ever left Iran. His passport has not been recorded in any other country, and no one has seen him. Because of this, we believe the Iranian government has the power to help us find him and bring him home.
  • Christine Levinson, Bob’s wife, has asked for any other information the Iranian authorities have regarding Bob, including what they have done to find him. We hope they will provide us with any information as soon as possible so we can find out what happened to Bob and possibly assist the Iranians in finding him so he can come home.
  • During the recent opening ceremony of the UN General Assembly session, Christine and other members of the Levinson family spent several days in New York City seeking a meeting with the Iranian President. Unfortunately, that request was denied because of President Ahmadinejad’s full schedule. Prior to President Ahmadinejad’s arrival, the Iranian Ambassador in New York agreed to meet with Christine a few weeks later. She hopes that meeting will happen soon.
  • We also undertook an email campaign, reaching out to the member countries of the UN General Assembly and asking them for help. Thousands of our friends and family members sent emails on Bob’s behalf, and we know these emails were received because several Missions’ web sites were impacted by the high volume. In addition, eldest son Daniel Levinson personally delivered letters to the UN Missions of several countries asking for any assistance they might give us.
  • Christine and Daniel Levinson are planning to travel to Iran. They have received verbal confirmation from the Iranian Mission at the UN that their visas have been approved and are now awaiting the paperwork they will need for their trip. They hope to speak to high-ranking officials in Iran who can help them. We see this trip as our best opportunity to bring Bob home.

Once again we want to thank all of our friends and family who have been praying for Bob’s safe return home. You have helped us stay strong these past seven months. We also want to extend a thank you to those of you that we may not know personally, but have supported us through this ordeal.

We appreciate any information or suggestions you have on what we can do to find Bob and bring him home. We want everyone to know that we are not resting. Each day we try to do all that we can to get him home. We love and miss him more than words can say.


The Levinson Family

Thank You From the Levinson Family

We would like to express heartfelt gratitude to our friends, family, and everyone else who participated in the United Nations E-mail Campaign for our father, Robert (Bob) Levinson, during the week of September 17-20.

By our estimate, thanks to your efforts and the efforts of those to whom you forwarded the email, several thousand people heard about Bob’s case and contacted the UN on our family’s behalf. Although we may not know the impact for quite some time, we are confident that our message was heard by the members of the General Assembly and, consequently, the Iranian Mission to the UN. We truly cannot thank you enough.

Every day we wake with the hope that this will be the day our father will be back home with us. Thank you again for everything you are doing to bring Bob home as soon as possible.

The Levinson Family

Letter to Dad, Robert (Bob) Levinson, July 30, 2007


It has now been 145 days since we last heard from you. We know that you entered Kish Island in Iran on March 8, 2007 and never left. We know that if you were able to contact us, you would. Each day is unbearable as we long to hold your hand, give you a kiss, wrap our arms around you and tell you how much we love you. We miss you Dad.

Since our last letter, there have been many things of which we wanted to update you.

Susan flew up to New York to celebrate Sarah’s birthday with her. Dan joined as well, and they all had a great time. Susan is also set to be a bridesmaid in your niece’s wedding in August. We wish that you could be there to enjoy the wedding with your family.

Stephanie really loves staying home with your first grandson, Ryan. He is over nine months old now and is getting into everything. He is crawling, using what we call the “Quasimodo Crawl” because he uses his right foot to push off of the ground. It looks awkward, but boy is he fast!

Ryan’s first attempt at babbling was repeating the word “bob” over and over. We think that this is because he misses his Grandpa Bob. We cannot wait until you get to hold him again.

Sarah continues to put in many hours at her job. She wishes she could call you to tell you about her accomplishments and consult you on the many challenges that arise on a day to day basis. She misses your expert career advice and perspective.

Sarah’s boyfriend of two years moved up to the New York area in July. They frequently visit your old haunts together, and Sarah tells your McSorley’s story every time they go there. She wishes you could visit so they could take you to all of your favorite restaurants again.

Dan has returned from a four and a half month stint living in Japan. He is now in the process of moving into a new apartment in New York and preparing for the start of law school this fall.

David just came back from six weeks of studying abroad in Italy. He went to over 30 cities, made many new friends, and has hundreds of pictures to show you. Now he is getting ready to head back to Emory for Resident Assistant training in early August.

The high school volleyball season is about to begin for Sam, who is a four year varsity starter. She has been finishing her summer homework for her upcoming Advanced Placement courses, and she recently started the process of college applications.

Doug was invited to participate in an elite four week summer camp that focused on technology. It is amazing to think that a 13-year-old chose to attend a school related camp during his summer vacation! He can’t wait to tell you all about it when you get home.

Mom continues to be the glue that holds our family together. Even though we know that she is frustrated with the lack of information on your welfare and whereabouts, she has maintained an extremely positive attitude. She is doing everything that she can to bring you home swiftly and safely. You will be so proud of her when you return.

Several of us have had dreams that you were back at home. These are the worst to wake up from because they have not come true yet. However, we remain confident that one day these dreams will become reality.

It feels like that day cannot come soon enough. Until then, we will continue to stay strong for one another, continue to persevere through this nightmare, and of course, continue to hold onto our dreams of seeing you walk through that front door—all because we know you would want us to do so.

We love you Dad. Come home soon.


Your Children

(Bugga Bird, Lumpy, Goose, Memmo, Happy J. Face, Turtle Girl, and the Roasted Baby)

Message from the Family

We Thank You

If you are reading this, we thank you.
If you are a friend or former colleague of Bob’s and have called our family to offer support, we thank you.
If you sent cards or well wishes, we thank you.
If you pray for Bob, we thank you.
If you frequently follow the news stories and blogs about Bob’s situation, we thank you.
If you have spread the word about his story and continue to do so, we thank you.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Please continue to pray for Bob…we would love to have him home for Father’s Day.