Billboard Announcement of $1 Million Dollar Reward

A publicity campaign is being launched this week in southwest Asia to heighten awareness of Levinson’s abduction, announce the $1,000,000 reward, and solicit information. Billboards, radio messages, and flyers will be used to publicize the reward and the investigation. A telephone tip line will be provided to listeners and viewers in that region so that they can confidentially provide information.

Open Letter To My Dear Husband Bob

To my dear husband Bob,

On the occasion of the anniversary of our 37 years of marriage, just a few short weeks ago, I’m writing to you in hopes that this message finds you. This should be a time of celebration and instead it is a time of anxiety, pain and frustration.

When we took our vows, for better or for worse, never did I imagine the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This situation has thrust me into a position in which I feel lost and ill prepared.

I imagined us enjoying this time in our life together raising our children, seeing them off to college, watching them get married, starting families of their own and growing into productive citizens we are proud of.

Instead the last four years, separated from you, have been a living hell. I’ve lived with uncertainty, frustration and anticipation waiting for your safe return to us.

I am willing to do whatever is necessary to bring you home. At the same time I’m at a loss as to how I can do that.

These uncertain times all over the world further complicate what I, a wife and mother who has dedicated her life to her family, can do to influence change.

I remain hopeful that by the grace of God, you will soon walk through our front door and this nightmare will be over.

We will never get this time back which makes each day that passes all the more precious.

Know that our deep faith in God provides comfort and hope that you remain safe and cared for until we are reunited.

I will never abandon you.

Your loyal and devoted wife,


U.S. Department of State, March 3, 2011

Fourth Anniversary of Robert Levinson’s Disappearance
Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 3, 2011

As we approach the fourth anniversary of Bob Levinson’s disappearance, we have received recent indications that Bob is being held somewhere in southwest Asia. As the Government of Iran has previously offered its assistance in this matter, we respectfully request the Iranian government to undertake humanitarian efforts to safely return and reunite Bob with his family. We would appreciate the Iranian government’s efforts in this matter.

Larry King Live, September 22, 2010

Excerpt from transcript:

KING: We’re back with President Ahmadinejad. He will address the U.N. General Assembly tomorrow, as will the president of the United States.

We’ll ask about that in a minute.

What about Robert Levinson? This is the former FBI agent. He’s been missing in Iran for three — over three years, hasn’t been heard from. First, can you tell us, is he alive? Is he OK?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I think we should ask that question from the FBI.

KING: But he’s in your country —

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): How would I know? How am I supposed to know? There are many individuals, many people who come to our country and then leave.

KING: So you have no idea where he is?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): He came and he left. As usual. No.

KING: His family says — his family that they were promised a full report on his disappearance from your government and they have never heard anything.

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): We never made that promise. We agreed to have a joint information and intelligence committee with the U.S. government to gather information about his whereabouts, on his whereabouts, and we have expressed hope that this committee will soon be held and we express our preparedness to be part of the committee.

Now if the FBI were to give more information about the purpose of this trip and what information he had and where his other destinations were, we might be able to assist further in the case.

KING: But you have no idea where he is?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Do you have any information? I’m like you, I have no idea what the FBI programs are. I don’t know what the FBI does around the world.

KING: We talked with — well, we talked with his wife yesterday, Christine, Mrs. Levinson. She asked that you give her a time and date for officials to meet with the FBI and share information.

In other words, she is saying the FBI is willing to sit down with your people. Can you give her a time and date?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Yes, I accept and agree with that. It saddens us when people travel, run into problems, disappear. It’s awful.

I think that if all intelligence organizations work more transparently and based on more humanitarian principles, these problems would not arise, but I would recommend that that intelligence committee be held jointly so that the representatives of Iran and the United States can sit together and help trace his whereabouts.

KING: You know, his daughter is getting married Saturday.

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I congratulate her on her marriage.

KING: It will be nice if her father were there —

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): And I sympathize with her. Definitely, it would have been very good. I wish that it can happen. I think the FBI should be more active in this case and to find their agent.

KING: You know, Mr. President, if it were your children — if one of your children crossed the border of another country and were being held, you would be very concerned and you would press the issue, would you not?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): If my child violates a law, justice must be served. Because law ensures security. And stability. And laws must be observed because if they are to be violated, there shall be no security.

KING: We’ll be right back with more. Don’t go away.


Link to entire transcript:



رابرت لوینسون “باب”




در روز18 اسفند 1385 در جزیره کیش ایران ناپدید گردیده است.

او آخرین بار در هتل مریم هنگام تسویه حساب دیده شده بود.

چنانچه هر گونه اطلائی از نامبرده دارید لطفأ با آدرس پست
الکترونیکی زیر تماس حاصل فرمائید:

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سرمايۀ پاداش كمك به باب لوينسون
Posted on August 7, 2008 by helpboblevinson

به هر کسى كه احتمال هست اطلاعى دربارهء محل تقریبى يا وضعيت شوهر من داشته باشد

بنده همراه با خانواده و دوستانم در حال كوشش هستيم كه سرمايه هايمان را روى هم جمع كرده و يك پاداشی براى هر اطلاعى كه منجر به بازگشت امن باب لوينسون به خانو اده اش شود برقرار كنيم

لغات نميتوانند عمق نااميدى ما را بيان كنند، ما پانزده ماه تقلا كرده ايم كه نبودن بنياد خانواده، شوهر، پدر، پدربزرگ، و دوستمان را تحمل كنيم
در حالى كه ما كوششمان را براى پيدا كردن باب ادامه ميدهيم، هر كسى را كه به بازگشت امن و سالم يك مرد بيگناه كه غير عادلانه از خانواده و دوستانش گرفته شده است اهميت ميدهد، علاقمنديم دعوت به اهداء كردن به سرمايۀ اين پاداش كنيم

ما اميدواريم كه تقديم كردن يك پاداش بتواند كسانى راكه هيچ احساس وفادارى به ما و يا به باب ندارند براى كمك به ما تشويق كند

اگرشما علاقمند به همكارى و كمك كردن به سرمايۀ پاداشى كمك به باب لوينسون هستيد، خواهش ميكنيم با ما با (آدرس) پست الكترونيكى تماس بگيريد

و يا ميتوانيد اهداء هايتان را به آدرس ذيل بفرستيد

Help Bob Levinson Reward Fund
1440 Coral Ridge Drive #348
Coral Springs, Florida 33071

چکها ميتوانند قابل پرداخت به سرمايۀ پاداشى كمك به باب لوينسون نوشته شوند

با تشكر
كريستين لوينسون و خانوادهء لوينسون

خواهش ميكنيم به “باب لوينسون” كمك كنيد

باب لوينسون در روز نهم ماه مارس سال ٢٠٠٧ از جزيرۂ كيش در ايران ناﭘديد شد. آخرين وقتى كه ايشان ديده شدند در حال خروج از هتل مريم بودند. اﮔر شما داراى اطلاعى هستيد كه ميتواند به بازﮔشت باب به وطنش يارى كند استدعا ميكنيم كه با خانوادﮤ ايشان از طريق ﭙست الكترونيكى به (آدرس) تماس ﺑﮕيريد