Statement from the Family of Robert Levinson, Held Hostage for 2000 Days

Statement from the Family of Robert Levinson, Held Hostage for 2000 Days

Tomorrow, August 29, 2012, will mark 2,000 days that Robert “Bob” Levinson – 64 years of age, husband of 38 years, father of seven children and grandfather of two – has been held hostage after disappearing while visiting Kish Island, Iran, in March 2007. Two thousand days since Bob has heard the voices of his children and his wife, and since we have heard his. Two thousand days since he has worn the clothes in his closet – which we are sure no longer fit him – and 2,000 days since he has slept on his side of the bed. We ask ourselves how is it possible that someone – especially someone 6’4″ and (then) 225 pounds – disappears without a trace.

It is time for Bob to be released.

Bob is now the second-longest-held hostage in American history. Only Terry Anderson who was held as part of the Lebanon Hostage Crisis was in captivity longer.

Bob has been held four and a half times longer than the Americans held during in the Iranian Hostage Crisis, a group of people caught up in the middle of political turmoil, and more than a month longer than the Americans kidnapped by FARC guerillas and released in 2008. This is not a milestone any human being would want to achieve. We love and miss Bob more than words can say, and we desperately worry about his health with each day that passes.

Bob was last seen leaving his hotel on Kish Island on March 9, 2007. Our family received a proof of life video (Bob Levinson Proof of Life Video)almost two years ago, but we have heard nothing from Bob’s captors even after making repeated pleas for his release, which have been met with silence, including this past December and again in March. We don’t know where Bob is or how he is. Once again, we beg Bob’s captors to tell us what we need to do to get Bob home. We are beyond ourselves with worry. It is time for him to be released.

Bob is getting older with each day that passes and his health is failing. He suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, along with countless other unknown health issues a person would suffer from while being held in captivity for five and a half years. We need to bring him home now so that he can spend whatever time he has left surrounded by the people who love him, not in captivity.

We will not be silent. It is time for Bob Levinson to be released so that his suffering and ours can end.

For more information about the case of Robert Levinson, please refer to the family’s Facebook page Help Bob Levinson or the website The FBI has offered a $1 million rewardto bring Bob home.

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